Sleep Over


On Thursday, 17th of September, the grade four students of SABS camped at one of my classmate’s house which as you maybe will understand that a classmate is a friend from class. Anyway, in grade four there are only FOUR (can you believe it?) students, Me, Nita, Dita, and Duril. Anyway… story the to back or reflected by a mirror: back to the story…

The day when it was time to go I was totally relaxed, but the only person in my house that was panicking was my mum. She ordered me to pack a nightie, clothes for the next day, gifts, my drink bottle and other things that I might need. When mum finally thought I was ready, I bathed (more like a splash-splash here and there), quickly inspected my bag and that’s when I realized that I left my pencil case at school the other day, or more specifically the day before. Maybe I don’t need to say this but to tell you the truth, I panicked!!!!!!!

When my car arrived at school I checked to see if my pencil case was still there. Hopefully I found my pencil case on a table and chased up to meet my friends before the imaginary clock strikes 8. It did. Ding dong ding dong ding dong tweet tweet comes the sound of the imaginary clock in my ears. Well that didn’t really happen, it was just to make the story have a little touch of classiness and a piece of imagination. The real sign to class is the teacher calling for attention. To be honest with you I only remember one lesson which is acceptable because there only one lesson that day: Mathematics… I love it but that day’s lesson was about discounts, totally annoying.

Dong…… The clock stroked twelve, put the book back into the shelf. It was time to pray, after praying it’s time to eat. And finally after eating it was time to go to Dita’shouse, we went two by two because we went by bike, as in motorbike. I and Nita went first because we were the first ones to make our “tickets” handmade. At first I thought that Dita’s house was large but when I saw it, it was smaller than I thought!

Before the others came, we two (me and Nita) waited while reading and reading and reading. At about 13:30 Dita arrived, and then shortly after that it was Duril’s turn to arrive.

When it was time to pray again, the whole class went to the mosque together. Me, Nita and Dita pretended to be professional joggers going to the mosque. We put the shawls we use to pray with on our necks and wiped our forehead with it as if we were sweaty.

In my opinion that night should be a night to remember, I’ll keep that in mind.

When we got home from the mosque it was about 6 already (I mean six o’clock the time not whatever you’re thinking). We set up the tent indoors so I would rather have called it playing camp instead of the real outdoor camps. Anyway, we had dinner after praying and we tried to finish our job before we went to sleep, that wasn’t true because me and Dita couldn’t sleep at all. When the two others were already fast asleep Me& Dita sneaked out of the tent very quietly into Dita’s room, ahh it was so fresh. Scared to wake up Dita’s brother we crept back in the tent and fell fast asleep… I woke up at three o’clock sharp and found out that Nita & Dita moved somewhere else so I started reading a book I borrowed Nita. The other girls woke up and opened the tent zip, seeing me awake we three woke Duril. When we heard the call of pray we quickly prayed and did every unfinished jobs. When it was already 6:15, we each took a bath and got ready for school. We walked to school together talking about how to improve grade four when without us noticing we were already at school. That day I was picked up more early because of a reason that I don’t know. I waited impatiently for the car to drop me because I totally miss my family. And so on the Sunday that week, here I am writing this story.

Shofiya Izzati Budiyanto

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